If you think you’ve found a site error on EasyWave, try these troubleshooting steps before reporting the bug to our support team. Many issues can be resolved by these few steps, and you’ll be back in business in no time!

1. Make sure that you’re using the current version of your web browser. Older browsers may have trouble displaying certain EasyWeave features. See what browser you’re using here.

2. Test things out using a different web browser. This will help narrow down possible issues and determine if the problem is browser-specific. Here are the browsers that work best with EasyWeave:

For Windows:

For Mac:

  • Firefox, versions 29.0 and above
  • Safari, versions 6.0 and above
  • Chrome, current versions (Chrome updates automatically)

3. Try disabling any extra toolbars or add-ons that didn’t come with your web browser originally. Some browser add-ons or extensions can interfere with the performance of the site.

Learn how to manage your add-ons for Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. Check to see if your add-ons or extensions have available updates.  

If disabling your add-ons resolves the problem, turn them back on one at a time to see which add-on was causing the issue. 

You can also contact Support with the following information:

  • A detailed description of the issue you’re experiencing, including steps to recreate the issue

  • The affected order number or listing ID

  • The URL of the affected webpage

  • A screenshot that shows the error you’ve encountered (learn how to take a screenshot here)

  • A list of the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried already

We’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible!