Many sellers on EasyWeave offer custom orders.

If a seller offers custom orders, you’ll see a Request Custom Order button on their shop or listing pages. Click the button to communicate with the seller about what you want.

Once you send a custom request, you’ll see a the Custom Request message in your Conversations sent box. Check your Conversations inbox for updates from the seller on the order's progress.

Discuss the specifics of your request with your seller to make sure you both know what will be created.


Here are some suggestions on how to best convey what you're looking for:

  • Ask how much the custom pieces will cost depending on time, or other details. For example, if you need this created more quickly than the seller’s usual processing time, will this cost extra? Will the piece be larger and require more cost for shipping?
  • Discuss the length of time it will take to make the item. Is this hair you wish to wear on a special occasion?

If the seller is able to create the order, they can publish a private custom listing for you. When the seller finishes your listing, you’ll be notified via email and Conversations that your order is ready to purchase.

You will see a green bar in your conversation that says "Your order is ready to purchase. Buy it Now. 

When you click Buy it Now you will see a page similar to the one below.

You can add the listing to your cart directly from the request page or from the private listing page.

This listing won't be publicly viewable in EasyWeave Search or their shop.